About Me

My name — as the name of my blog tells you — is Jen. I love to write. I love to read. I love Jesus. I love to play basketball. I love photography. I love music. I love Paul Newman… but that’s probably less important.

Originally, I started a blog to allow the rest of the world — or the tiny percentage of the world that will ever stumble upon my blog — a glimpse into my sometimes rather random mind. And while that’s still the case, I feel that I’ve become more purposeful in my posts. I hope to uplift and challenge my readers, with hopefully thought-provoking, amusing and honest content.

My topics will probably tend to point toward my faith in Jesus as that has been an essential part of who I am for my entire life. But I’ve also talked about earthworms, so who really knows what you may find here. Regardless, welcome to Jen’s Random Musings!