Thoughts while reading a book

All it takes is a single moment. A thought, a word, a musical note -- something draws you in. It feels almost magnetic because, somehow, it understands you. It seems to be expressing the very emotions and thoughts you yourself have experienced and felt. It pulls at this deep cavern within the pit of your … Continue reading Thoughts while reading a book


Getting real about “Impostor Syndrome”

Hi. My name is Jen and I'm an impostor. Or, at least, I sometimes feel like I am. Some of you might be thinking, Ah-ha! I knew there was something fishy about her. But, really, what I'm talking about here is impostor syndrome. For those of you who haven't heard the term before, here's Wikipedia's definition of … Continue reading Getting real about “Impostor Syndrome”

Why I write

Sometimes it honestly seems like there's nothing more intimidating than a blank white piece of paper -- or, more realistically, the blank white screen depicting the piece of paper humans have traditionally written upon. Upon that blank page, you're supposed to spill out your thoughts, your aspirations, your secrets, your mind, your being. And the … Continue reading Why I write